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Mexico and Brazil taking opposite directions in terms of energy policies


2019 will be marked by high volatility in the global oil market - Brent crude oil price to average USD 65 in 2019, according to Coface estimates - In Mexico, the financial stress already faced by Pemex might not be contained - Brazil oil policy is expected to have positive knock-on effect in the medium term

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Coface launches credit-insurance offer in Greece


Local companies set to benefit from Coface’s expertise in risk prevention and payment protection.

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Coface announces new appointments in Australia and Singapore


Coface announces today the following changes in the country leadership in Australia and Singapore.

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China Payment Survey 2019: Longer delays as growth falters


2018 proved to be a relatively challenging year for China. Growth slowed to 6.6% and is expected to decline further in 2019 (6.2%, according to Coface forecasts). As a result, 59% of the 1500 Chinese companies that participated in Coface’s survey believe the economy will not improve in 2019, the worst since 2003 (...)

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Turkish economy: domestic demand still waning but exports fuelled by the lira’s depreciation


Stagflation becoming a reality, exports are a key-source of revenues for economy, especially in the automotive sector. Exporters are flexible; government support is vital for exporters to gain new market shares

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FY-2018 results: net income up 47% at €122.3M and pay-out of 100% of net income


Our good 2018 results show the relevance of our Fit to Win strategic plan in a now more volatile economic environment. Our net income of €122 million is up 47% and corresponds to a return on equity close to our average through the cycle objective excluding further capital optimisation actions

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